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Specific guidance for your treatment

Fixed appliances: Please take extra care with the cleaning of your appliance and try to avoid breakages. If you are wearing elastics, then your orthodontic provider will advise on whether to continue or stop. If at any stage, you feel the elastics have over-corrected your bite or created other issues, then please stop them. If you run out of elastics, then please contact your provider who may be able to supply some more. 

Contact your provider if you have any problems for advice and support if an emergency situation develops. If you are due to have any extractions prior to the fitting of braces, then it would be sensible not to have these carried out until such time as your orthodontist is able to schedule your next appointment.

Invisalign: Unless you hear otherwise, please continue to wear as directed. For some patients, it may be able to post your next sets of aligners. Liaise with your provider for details. If you reach the end of your current set of aligners and it is not possible to get more, then continue wearing your final aligner at night to maintain the position. Let your provider know if you have any problems such as lost / broken aligners. It may be possible to order replacements without the need for you to attend the surgery. 

Twin block/ removable/ functional appliance: Please continue to wear as directed. Your provider will contact you if it would be sensible to stop or reduce wear. 

Retainers: Please keep wearing as directed. Your provider will contact you for your next check. If you have problems with a broken or lost retainer, please contact your provider for advice. It may be able to replace it without the need for you to attend.

Oral hygiene and care of your appliance: Please ensure that you follow all the advice previously provided in terms of meticulous cleaning of the appliance. There are some videos in the video section which goes through instructions in detail. Take particular care not to break the appliance which means taking extra care whilst eating and avoid those foods which are more likely to damage the brace, especially at this difficult time when it will not be possible to see you to repair the appliance. 

Specific guidance for your treatment: Services
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